YIMBY Dems SD Endorsements

The YIMBY Democrats of San Diego County endorse candidates at general meetings by a vote of eligible members. Candidates are asked to answer questions about their stances on housing and land use matters in a questionnaire developed and administered by the Endorsement committee in anticipation of any endorsement vote.

Below you will find candidates that have been reviewed and endorsed by the club for this election cycle.

San Diego County Primary Election is March 3, 2020

Federal Endorsements

Scott Peters
U.S. Representative, District 52 Scott Peters
Georgette Gómez
U.S. Representative, District 53 Georgette Gómez

State Endorsements

Toni Atkins
Senate, District 39 Toni Atkins
Chris Ward
Assembly, District 78 Chris Ward
Dr. Shirley Weber
Assembly, District 79 Dr. Shirley Weber
Lorena Gonzalez
Assembly, District 80 Lorena Gonzalez

County Endorsements

Rafael Castellanos
County Supervisor, District 1 Rafael Castellanos
Olga Diaz
County Supervisor, District 3 Olga Diaz

City of San Diego Endorsements

Todd Gloria
Mayor of San Diego Todd Gloria
Will Moore
City Council, District 1 Will Moore
Chris Olson
City Council, District 3 Chris Olson
Marni von Wilpert
City Council, District 5 Marni von Wilpert
Sean Elo
City Council, District 9 Sean Elo

Measure A

Vote no. More homes are essential to addressing our housing crisis and Measure A would limit housing opportunities. Additionally, ballot box planning is bad governance and often results in regressive and discriminatory land use.

Measure B and C

No endorsed position.